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Floorings, doormats, rugs and abrasives3M Nomad Terra

Nomad Terra 8100

Nomad Terra 8100

Proizvodi: 3M


Floor cover without backing for high level of trespassing in commercial areas indoor and outdoors and in recesses.

Strong vinyl looping structure of fabrics absorbing and highs high amounts of dirt.Open structure without backing optimally drains moisture.

Product for use as a first cover, outdoors or in recesses, exposed to a high trespassing conditions.

Easy to clean.

Available as a stand alone cover and in rolls.

Products description

Vinyl resistant to impacts.

Special layer for high durability.

Open looping structure for removal, absorbing and hiding of high amounts of dirt.

Elastic spirals brushes out shoe soles.With no backing for outdoor use.

With vinyl backing for indoor use.